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☆OOAK☆Artist's original doll "《Mia》” by amuu

  • ¥143,000
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As this is a one-of-a-kind item, shipping will be after the exhibition (after March 24). Please understand.

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As this is a one-of-a-kind item, shipping will be after the exhibition (after March 24). Please understand.

"Luv-able&Hug-able" is hold at Junie Moon Daikanyama from February 20.

Lip: natural pink glossy blush: pink Eye shadow: brown
Eyebrows: Slight yellowish brown to match the hair
Airbrush, pastels, and acrylic paints are used for painting.
Finished with a matte paint mixed with uv-cut.

Front: Light brown and light blue-gray Left and right: Light blue and yellow-brown 
All eyes are made by myself, and the surface is made of glass.


Dyed the color of the original hair yellow.

Original doll
Fanny Flamingo

Cat ears: Built-in magnet for easy removal. (It does not affect the appearance even if you remove them.)
Dress: Snap fasteners at the back 
Pants: Snap fasteners at the back
Shoes: ready-made

Set Contents
Set does not include any items not included in the set.

Doll body
Cat ears
Dress: Snap fasteners at back 
Pants: snap fasteners at the back
Shoes: ready-made