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[wholesale]Blythe Collection Guide Book: Chronicles of Love

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To celebrate Blythe’s 20th anniversary, we are releasing “Blythe Collection Guide Book: Chronicles of Love”! This book is a collection guidebook, the third in our legacy series which compiles all of the information of every Blythe doll released from January 2017 to July 2021.

This guidebook contains all of the history of Blythe from 2017 up to now, the basic information about the dolls such as the face type and body type comparisons, size, skin and hair color, special eye colors, and so on. Each doll’s specifications, fashion items, release date, price and packaging information is included.

Blythe’s creative producer, Junko Wong, has an essay about the behind the scenes making of the dolls and there all also be a line-up of design drawings. New content includes episodes from behind the scenes of the development of the dolls, a collection of photographs of Blythe anniversary dolls from the past 20 years, a quiz about Blythe and more!There will also be Blythe care tips and other collector information.

Title: Blythe Collection Guidebook: Chronicles of Love

Size: H257 x W210mm (AB Format), 168 pages.

Binding: Soft cover, parallel binding.

Publisher: CWC Publishing, Cross World Collections

Publisher: Junko Wong

Publisher: GraphicSha

ISBN 978-4-7661-3556-5

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