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Announcement of new item "Blythe Sticker".

Announcement of new item "Blythe Sticker".

This is a die-cut sticker of the photo used for the spring 2024 T-shirt and tote bag.
The glittery holograms are PP-processed for a slightly cool image.
The "Striped Ribbon" is modeled after Blythe, whose large striped ribbon is impressive, The hair up on her head is held up by a toothbrush! The other is "Toothbrush" with a unique hairpin holding her up-do hair.


Blythe Sticker
Total 2 kinds: Striped ribbon, Toothbrush
Size: Striped ribbon: H9 x W7cm, Toothbrush: H8 x W7cm
Material: Paper, hologram, PP processed, in OPP bag, made in Japan

Retail price: 418 yen (price without tax 380 yen)
Release date: March 30, 2024 (Saturday) noon -


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