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Junie Moon Presents Memories of Twenty Years Special 2nd Release “Hello Arden”

Junie Moon Presents Memories of Twenty Years Special 2nd Release “Hello Arden”

The second Junie Moon Special doll is combination of “Hello Again Junie Moon” wearing a natural winter style.  This popular doll wears a warm and cozy look that will make you feel wrapped up in the forest.  This outfit brings out the natural beauty of this doll.  With the new styling she transforms into a new character.

She wears a lavender dress with ivory apron, knit cape and hair band.  She has a soft A-line dress that can be mixed by itself with other fashion items for a new look.

What is “Junie Moon Presents Memories of Twenty Years” ?

This is a special project with Junie Moon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Neo Blythe.  There will be a limited number of dolls with new clothing inspired by past Neo Blythe designs.  There will be 12 releases in all.

The clothing are designed and produced by Junie Moon’s in-house doll clothing brand “Dear Darling fashion for dolls”.  Dear Darling is responsible for the the design and production of these sweet outfits.

You can check out the latest news on Dear Darling fashion for dolls Instagram, including photos of the production, process and images along the way.

Please check them out!

Junie Moon Presents Memory of Twenty Years “Hello Arden”
Price: 20,790 JPY
Release Date: November 26, 2021

Set includes: Doll, dress, apron, cape, hair band, tights, shoes, stand, shorts and camisole.

Purchase Method
We will hold a lottery online at the Junie Moon online shopping site.

Lottery Schedule-
Lottery Starts: November 5
Lottery Ends: November 8
Winners Announced: November 12
Shipping Date: November 26

Junie Moon Presents Memories of Twenty Years

Check here for the latest info on the special dolls!
☆Dear Darling fashion for dolls


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