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The "Juno Estella" lottery begins for international customers!

The "Juno Estella" lottery begins for international customers!

Junie Moon" online store sales will be conducted by lottery for international customers.

Please complete your account registration before applying for the lottery.
Please register your name, address (enter the correct prefecture), and phone number on the account page.
Please note that failure to do so may result in fraudulent application.
You can register from "Confirm Address" on the "Account" page.

Lottery Entry Period
August 27, 2022 (Sat) 12:00 noon - August 30, 2022 (Tue) 23:59

Announcement of lottery results
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Only winners will receive an e-mail on the announcement date.
The results will also be posted on the product page by the end of the day, so please be sure to check back.
The results will be reflected on the product page, not on the account page (purchase history). Please note that the result will be reflected on the product page, not on the account page (purchase history).
Please note that we will not be able to respond to individual inquiries regarding the results.

Order processing period and payment
After the winners are announced - September 13, 2022 (Tuesday)

Only the winners will be able to place their orders after the order button appears on the product page. (You can order at the same time as other products.)
*Please note that even if you win the prize, if you do not complete the order procedure during the period, your win will be invalidated.
If you choose convenience store payment, please make your payment within 48 hours of the order process.
For other payment methods, we will process the payment sequentially.

Product shipping date
Release date: September 29, 2022 (Thursday) or later, in order.

We will notify you by e-mail when the shipment is completed.
This is not the delivery date.
Please note that the email may be delivered later in the evening on the same day.

Please note that the delivery date may be later than the evening of the day of delivery.
Only one piece per person and at the same address may be applied for. If you purchase or apply for more than one piece, both applications will be invalid.

Please refrain from submitting multiple applications for the Junie Moon Daikanyama, Horie, and Shinjuku stores.

Please be sure to read and understand the precautions on the product page of the lottery application and on the online store blog before applying.
By submitting your application, you will be deemed to have understood and accepted the precautions related to your application.

We will not be able to respond to any inquiries other than those made through the online store inquiry form, so if you have any questions, please contact us through the inquiry form.
We will respond to inquiries in order, but it may take some time to reply, so please contact us well in advance.

*The target age range for our products is 15 years and older. For children under the age of 15, please apply for and purchase the product with the consent of a parent or guardian. Please understand in advance that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.