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Shoes for doll (Neo Blythe size) "straps shoes"

  • ¥3,630
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These are flat shoes with ankle straps.
They're made of a solid fabric and have a larger design, so they look cute with thick socks or tights!
Try them with one point of color on your Blythe feet!

☆Please note the following when ordering
・Shoes for dolls are sold. Shoes for dolls are for sale. Dolls and other accessories are not included.
・These shoes are not for Neo Blythe only. The shoes are made in a size that allows them to be worn with thick socks.
・The color may migrate to the doll's body. We recommend wearing it over socks.
・There are individual differences between products.

Size: Neo Blythe
*Not exclusively for Neo Blythe.